Colene is one of the females I got back after Jolene died.  Colene has a loud mouth, houndy looks and a slim build.  She isn't afraid of a
coon either.  I turned a coon a loose and she treed on it very good.  She reminds me so much of Jolene.  I have high hopes for her.  Being
that she is my connection to Jolene.  Colene is a Performance Pup and PKC registered.  
Colene is now owned by Shon Flowers in SC.
           NiteCh.'PR' Egli's Ragin Black Hoss II
    GrNiteCh.'PR' Etowah's Ragin Black Bear
           'PR' Egli's Hard Luck Ragin Becky
GrNiteCh.GrCh.GrFCh'PR' Pipe Creek Black Magic
            GrNiteCh.'PR' Myer's Magic Ruger
    'PR' Huffman's Liz
            'PR' Tennessee Wheelin Dixie
Ch. 'PR' Midnight Thunder Colene
            NiteCh.'PR' Myer's Mighty Hoss
     NiteCh..'PR' Bland's Ozark Mtn. Boss
            'PR' Ozark Screaming Lacey
Ch.'PR' Midnight Thunder Jolene
             GrCh.NiteCh..'PR' Ingy's Ragin Tree Moss
    'PR' Dark Cypress Black Widow
             NiteCh. 'PR' Richards Moon Shaker
Colene is treeing on a coon that she helped treed.  She treed some
before I got there.  Then I laid a drag with the coon and she treed very
hard and intense.
Show Wins
Registered Wins
9/28/07   - Best of Show - Raeford, NC
9/29/07   - Best of Show - Delco, NC
11/17/07 - Best of Show - Delco, NC

Champion Wins
11/30/07 - Best of Show - Clinton, NC
02/16/07 - Best of Show - Delco, NC
 (B&T Sectional)
Colene finished out of show champion with
three best of shows in three shows.  
Hopefully grand will come as easy.
Ch.'PR' Midnight Thunder Colene