CH GRNITECH 'PR' Dark Hollow Hobo's Hoss
                  GRNITECH 'PR' Dark Hollow Tige
                                 'PR' Jud's Ears
GRNITECH 'PR' Raw Kansas Jammer
                                  WLDNITECH GRNITECH 'PR' J&R Northern Buck II
                  GRNITECH 'PR' Bauer's Kansas Jewell
                                  GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Fox River Mandy
NITECH 'PR' Hurry Up Dutch Henry Brown "Dutch"
                                  NITECH 'PR' Myers' Little Bo                  
                  CH NITECH  'PR' Ozarks Screaming Lonestar
                                 'PR' Myers' Mighty Abby
GRNITECH 'PR' Cottonwood's Sis
                                  NITECH 'PR' Myers' Mighty Hoss
                  NITECH 'PR' Ozarks Screaming Pepper
                                  'PR' Davis's Black Lady
NITECH 'PR' Hurry Up Dutch Henry Brown "Dutch"
UKC Performanced
                        UKC Nite Hunt Wins
                   Registered Nite Hunt Wins

- 8/817/2013  -  2nd Place 150+  -  Wurtland, KY
- 10/05/2013  -  1st Place 150+   -  Wurtland, KY
- 3/07/2014    -  2nd Place 400+  -  Morgantown, IN

Nite Champion Wins

Dutch has been bounced around a bit. I appreciate Kyle Southern and Alex "Big Al" Christian
offering him a partnership in him. He is a nice looking houndy hound and he has loud mouth
to go with it. Dutch can run any track he comes upon. And he tries and wants to be accurate.
He just doesn't tree to be treeing. Dutch has the drive, mouth, accuracy and that little extra
gear, setting on go always. He wants to please you. Dutch is also not perfect. But what dog is.
He may hit a little fast track when he's not hunted up.  I like everything I've seen out of
Dutch along with his pedigree.  Dutch will be getting in shape this summer and working on
getting him GrNiteCh title this fall. He will be breed to some of my females here. And offered
at Stud. He will be a UKC Performance Sire and PKC Super Stakes Sire.

Dutch has only a few pups on the ground. One of them being PKC Silver CH 'PR'  Late Night
Blackout Boone.
                      PKC Hunt Wins

- 5/26/2017  -  200+ E / 75- L - $50.00