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UKC Performance and PKC Super Stakes Pups

If you are looking for pups with drive, mouth, independence and accuracy. Then look no further. This is the third
time I've bred to Super Stud. His name fits him. He is reproducing the type we all want. Lunastick is a hard hunting
female, that can run any track she comes upon and is good about having the coon. She will be in the hunts after the
pups are weaned to be finished to GrNiteCh.

Now the incentives of owning one of these pups.

The stud owner Kenneth Tavares is offering this incentive. See the details below.

Midnight Thunder Incentive:
I Lovis Burns will pay $1,000 to owner of the first pup that wins the UKC World Hunt. In conjunction with the First
Class Bounty incentive. I will also refund the pup price to the first pup that makes GRNITECH in UKC and PKC
Champion in PKC on or before its 3rd birthday (8/26/2020).

                          GRNITECH ’PR’ Bad to the Bones Cane
            GRNITECH ’PR’ Gelvin's Black Patch
                          GRNITECH ’PR’ Set’um Up Spice
 GRNITECH ’PR’ First Class Super Stud
                          GRNITECH GRCH’PR’ Schenker's Smokin' Jet
            GRNITECH GRCH ’PR’ First Class Smokin' Rose
                          GRNITECH GRCH ’PR’ Tavares' Pop'n'em Up Lilly
Pups DOB: 8/26/17
                          GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Rough Creek Easys Thunderstick HTX
            GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Hurrikane Creek Uglytick
                          GRNITECH 'PR' Yoder's Fox River Amazing Amy
NITECH CH 'PR' Big Piney Lunastick (1 Win towards Grand)
                          GRNITECH 'PR' Crockett Blk Nute
            GRNITECH 'PR' Hurrikane Creek Smooth As Brandy
                          GRCH GRNITECH 'PR' Crockett's Blk Mandy

*Pups will be Permanently Nominated in the Performance Program.*

Price: $500.00 - 2 Females left.