GrNiteCh.'PR' Ozarks Screaming Bo
        NiteCh.'PR' Myers Mighty Hoss            
                  'PR' Swampghost Ragin Jody
NiteCh.'PR' Bland's Ozark Mtn. Boss
                   GrNiteCh.'PR' Ozarks Screaming Shep
        'PR' Ozark Screaming Amy
                   GrCh.NiteCh.'PR' Ozark Screaming Lacey
GrCh.'PR' Midnight Thunder Bell
                   GrCh.GrNiteCh.'PR' Ketcherside's Black Pak
        GrNiteCh.'PR' Walker's Black Bull
                  'PR' Minehart's Light'N Lace
 NiteCh.'PR' Richards' Moon Shaker
                  'PR' Wye City Jake
         'PR' Ozark Mtn. Babe
                  'PR' Richards' Shadow
Bell started out very young hating coons.  At four months old she would bark at and tree a caged coon, with no help from an older dog.  She had that rare natural
ability that we all like.  As she got older I would turn coons a loose and she would run and tree them.  I started taking her to the woods at about 7 months old and
she would go right with the other dogs.  At around 11 months old she was striking tracks in front of the older dogs.  She had a loud bawl on track.  She would
locate the tree with a loud bawl and chop and turn it over to steady hard chop.  She was also a good looking female, even though she had a little hair. At 13
months old she split treed away from the older dogs and treed her first coon.  The other dogs were treed near by and she held the pressure.  On the next drop she
was hit by a car.
GrCh.'PR' Midnight Thunder Bell