GrNiteCh.'PR' Umphers' Ragin Black Hoss
     GrNiteCh.'PR' Ozarks Screaming Shep
              'PR' Sandridge's Dixie Lady
GrCh.GrNiteCh.'PR' Backwoods Screaming Rip
               NiteCh.'PR' Myer's Mighty Leroy
     GrCh.NiteCh.'PR' Ozarks Screaming Lacey
               'PR' Tompkins' Black Susie
Ch.'PR' Midnight Thunder Boone
               GrCh.GrNiteCh.'PR' Hicks' Big Time Albert
     GrNiteCh.GrCh.'PR' Hicks' Two Time Albert
               NiteCh.GrCh.'PR' George's Magic Sue
NiteCh.Ch.'PR' Backwood's Two Time Echo
               NiteCh.'PR' Harrell's Duke
     GrNiteCh.'PR' Harrell's Abey
               'PR' Harrell's Windy
Boone was my first registered black &
tan.  He was a very good looking hound.  I
got him from Mr. Dale Hinson on the 4th
of July in 2000.  I really liked him alot.  He
was easy going, easy to train, and had a
very loud mouth.  He made Ch. very easy
and would have made GrCh. easy as well.  
Boone was making a very good hound in
the woods.  He had a loud bawl on track
and really hard chop on the tree.  He was
hit by a car on Sept 7, 2001.  This was the
only picture I had of him.  I really miss
Ch.'PR' Midnight Thunder Boone