NiteCh.'PR' Moccasin Creek Biggin
       'PR' Moccasin Creek Bigelow
                GrNiteCh.GrFCh.GrCh.'PR' Annie Oakely Midnight Hunter
'PR' Moccasin Creek Willie
                GrCh.GrNiteCh.'PR' Legend's Back Woods Boomer
       'PR' Evans Buffy
                GrCh.'PR' Dolbear's  Li'l ShadyRoc Cagney
Ch.'PR' Midnight Thunder Country
               GrNiteCh.'PR' Gilley's Midnite Special
        GrNiteCh.'PR' Swampghost Ragin Tree Shaker
               NiteCh.'PR' Swampghost Charlotte
'PR' Moccasin Creek Grace II
               GrNiteCh.'PR' Moccasin Creek Ben
        'PR' Moccasin Creek Grace
               'PR' Moccasin Creek Lizz
Country was a really loud, houndy, slick haired pup.  He started running and treeing a drag at about 7 months old.  
He would go hunting with the old hounds really good.  Country made champion on the bench very easy.  He also
qualified for the world show and showed in it.  I really liked him alot.  He became sick and I had to put him to sleep.
Ch.'PR' Midnight Thunder Country