NiteCh.'PR' Egli's Ragin Black Hoss II
'PR' Tennessee Ragin Ranger
       'PR' Hersh's Ragin Patty
NiteCh.Ch.'PR' Sundown Ragin Moonshine
       GrNiteCh.'PR' Myer's Magic Ruger
'PR' Ragin Black Oprah
       'PR' Corky's Black Mouse
Ch. 'PR' Midnight Thunder Night Hawk
       GrNiteCh.'PR' Voyle's Jar Mr. Magic
GrNiteCh.'PR' Myer's Magic Ruger
       'PR' Lone Nite Black Maxie
'PR' Tennessee Wheeling Maggie
      NiteCh.Ch.'PR' Egli's Ragin Black Hoss II
'PR' Cedarview Music
       NiteCh.'PR' Schott's Black Magic
Hawk is now 18 months old.   Hawk has a nice head, ears and good feet. He is going hunting very good.  He runs a
track with a big bawl mouth and trees with a nice hard chop. Hawk is starting to show his ability to run and tree. So
with a bit more hunting he should really turn it on.
                                   Registered Wins
         9/28/07   -  Best of Show - Raeford, NC
         9/29/07   -  Best of Show - Delco, NC
         11/17/07 -  Best of Show - Delco, NC

                           Champion Wins
        11/30/07 - Best of Show - Clinton, NC
  2/3/08 -  Best of Show - Keansville, NC (RQE)
2/9/08 -  Best of Show - Darlington, SC (Redbone Zone 4)
 2/16/08 - King of Show - Delco, NC (B&T Sectional)
Hawk is Qualified for the world Show in 2008.
Ch.'PR' Midnight Thunder Night Hawk
Videos of Hawk Treeing.
Hawk won King of Show at a B&T
Sectional in Delco, NC
Show Wins