NiteCh.'PR' Midnight Thunder Ragin Molly
         NiteCh.Ch.’PR’ Eglis Ragin Black Hoss II
GrNiteCh.’PR’ Etowahs Ragin Black Bear
       ‘PR’ Eglis Hard Luck Ragin Becky
NiteCh.’PR’ Ragin Black Bart
       NiteCh.Ch.’PR’ King's Smokin Black Jack
‘PR’ Huffman's Ala. Jackie
       ‘PR’ Sagarsee's Black Dolly
NiteCh.’PR’ Midnight Thunder Ragin Molly
        GrNiteCh.’PR’ Laffoon's super sting
GrNiteCh.GrCh.’PR’ Halls Southern Gauge
       ‘PR’ Laffoons Sugar Cookie
‘PR’ Black Mandie
        GrNiteCh.’PR’ Scaggs Black Slammer
‘PR’ Halls Spin N Gina
       ‘PR’ Mineharts Spin Lilly
                    UKC Nite Hunt Wins

                    Registered Wins
10/15/2010   - 2nd Place - 175+  -  Alabama
11/12/2010   - 2nd Place - 175+  - Hope Mills, NC
                     "Queen of Hunt"
    Cape Fear Coon Club B&T Sectional
8/20/2011     - 1st Place 250+ 550 Circle - Georgia  
Molly is goes hunting good.  I'm getting to learn her better as she gets hunted.  We are knocking the
dust off.  Molly has a nice bawl mouth on track. She chews a little.  But has a very nice chop on the tree.
Molly getting it done!
Video 1
Molly getting it done!
Video 2
Molly wins Queen of Hunt and 2nd Place
registered.  At the Cape Fear Coon Club B&T
Sectional on 11/12/2010