This is Jamie Jenkins and Dual Ch. 'PR' Jenks
Carolina Cole Train and me with Ch.'PR' Midnight
Thunder Jolene, at the 2006 NC State Hunt in
Seagrove NC.  Cole and Jolene are littermates.
They are both good looking hounds.  
This is WCh.'PR' Gillenwaters Bad Boy
Jimbo. He is owned by my good friend Bradley
Jacobs. Jimbo is one heck of a dog.  He is big,
goodlooking, and a loud hard treedog.
Rat Tell'n it and Hawk trying to. LOL
Hawk and Rat getting it done.
Hawk and Rat.
Hawk won King of Show at B&T
Sectional in Delco, NC
Rat won King of Hunt at B&T
Sectional in Delco, NC
Hawk and Rat treed on
Molly and Rat treed on
Molly and Rat treed on
Molly treed on 4/3/2009.
Craig Clay with NiteCh.'PR'  Clay's 573 Ruger
Rell and me with 'PR' Midnight Thunder Ragin
Molly at the 2009 B&T Days.
Singer, Rat and Molly at 2009 B&T Days.
Molly wins Queen of Hunt and 2nd Place
registered.  At the Cape Fear Coon Club
B&T Sectional on 11/12/2010
Queen of Show and Best Female of Show at
9months old.  Cape Fear Coon Club Black &
Tan Sectional on 11/12/2010.
Desire and Harmony getting it done.
1st Place 325+ at Southeastern
Black & Tan Days
1st Place NiteCh.
100+ at Sumter, SC