NiteCh.'PR' Barrett's Mt. Black Tara
Tara is owned by BJ Birmingham and myself.  She goes hunting very well.  She strikes quick with a
short bawl and can work a track good.  She has a good locate and is a real nice steady treedog.

Tara finished to NiteCh. with three 1st place wins, on 5/29/2010.  Not bad for a 9 yr. old.
        GrNiteCh.’PR’ Ozark’s Screaming Bo
GrNiteCh.GrCh.’PR’ Smith’s Black Hobie
        GrNiteCh.’PR’ Gilley’s Black Cinder
Ch.GrNiteCh.’PR’ Black Bart
        GrNiteCh.’PR’ Robinson’s Black Bandit
NiteCh.Ch.’PR’ Thunder Mtn. Brandy
        NiteCh.GrCh.’PR’ George’s Magic Sue
NiteCh.‘PR’ Barrett’s Mt. Blk Tara
        GrNiteCh.’PR’ Tenn. Fiddler
GrNiteCh.’PR’ Wallace’s Black Mack
       ‘PR’ Tennessee Jackie II
GrNiteCh.’PR’ Flippo’s Driving Miss Ruby
        GrNiteCh.’PR’ Robinson’s Black Bandit
GrNiteCh.’PR’ Prince’s Black Rachel
        ‘PR’ Robinson’s Black Cill
Tara Treeing.  Getting it done!
       UKC Nite Hunt Wins

           Registered Wins
4/4/2010   - 1st Place - 150+  -  Alabama
4/17/2010 - 1st Place - 475+  -  Alabama
5/29/2010 - 1st Place - 25+    -  Alabama